Thursday, June 15, 2006

ja tarzan, ti ...

Mislim da svaka devojka sanja da neko napiše pesmu o njoj, ili ako ne to onda da barem postoji pesma sa njenim imenom. Bojim se da pesme koje imaju moje pravo ime u nazivu se isključivo naručuju na svadbama ili se pevaju na stolu, a pošto to mi baš i nije in the spirit of popkitchen, okrenula sam se svom nadimku. Povodom rođendana veoma drage osobe koja je ovaj nadimak i smislila, malo sam napregla male sive ćelije i konsultovala soulseek da bi napravila Jane Songs. Bend koji me uzasno nervira a to su Maroon 5 (jel neko čuo moronskije ime, zvuči kao username za mail, pogotovu sa ovim brojem, jel Maroon je valjda bio zauzet) ima album pod nazivom Songs About Jane, ali nijednu pesmu o njoj.

Neke stvari nisu ni ušle na kompilaciju, recimo Mojave 3 Queen Jane, jer sam zaboravila da ga ubacim u folder, kao ni bizarnosti tipa Jane You Ignorant Slut od opskurnog benda Combat Wounded Veteran.

Belle and Sebastian – Lazy Line Painter Jane

Bob Dylan – Queen Jane Approximately

Bobby Darin – Plain Jane

Cowboy Junkies – Sweet Jane

David Bowie (u potpuno neprepoznatljivom izdanju) – Little Liza Jane

Dock Boggs – Aunt Jane Blues

Dr. John – Little Liza Jane

INXS – Salvation Jane

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg – Jane B.

Jane’s Addiction – Jane says

Jazzberry Ram – Sleepy Jane

Leadbelly – Little Liza Jane

Mitch Ryder – Baby Jane (Mo Mo Jane)

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Crow Jane

Nick Drake – Hazy Jane I

Nick Drake – Hazy Jane II

Nina Simone – Little Liza Jane

Oh No! Oh My! – Jane is Fat

PJ Harvey – Me Jane

Rod Stewart – Baby Jane

Sly and the Family Stone – Jane is a Groupee

Sonic Youth and Cypress Hill – I love you Mary Jane

Sufjan Stevens – Inaugural Pop for Jane Margaret Byrne

Swans – Jane Mary Cry One More Tear

The Beatles – What’s the New Mary Jane

The Pagans – Her Name was Jane

The Rolling Stones – Lady Jane

The Velvet Underground – Jack and Jane

The Wrens – Jane Fakes a Hug

Timon – Bitter Thoughts of Little Jane

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Last Dance of Mary Jane


julia said...

Ha! To clarify, Nick from ECLA was the one who made me my "Julia" songs CD! I think more people should have CDs with songs written about them, and more songs should be written about people with different names... (i've decided that my favorite one is the Pink Floyd one... "julia dream, dream boat queen, queen of all my dreams..."
do you have any with your name?

popkitchen said...

this is one...not with my name, unfortunately, rather the pseudonim my boyfriend came up with. As as ardent Liverpool FC fan, he remembered player Jamie McAteer, thus I became Jane McAteer (follow my link).
Anyways, there are quite a few songs about my real name in Serbia, however those are folk ones, you sing at weddings drunk, while dancing on the table, ordering the band to play it and shoving down money for musicians at their instruments.
But as I said in the post, it is not in the spirit of popkitchen.

Did you see your link here? I expect the number of your Serbian readers to increase rapidly:)

julia said...

Hehe - thanks for the advertisement. I count on a Serbian audience to keep writing the blog!! I, of course, put yours up as well ... with an encouraging "comprehensible" modifying your language. You're bound to get a few confused hits, too.

popkitchen said...

yeah, i've seen it... but thanx anyway, people will realize that i like good music, and that i am one cool serbian chick generally. That is the first step towards the improvement of image of Serbs in the world:)

on the other hand you might get some hard-core belgrade fans.

julia said...

So, I can, like, be cool by association, right?! =)

Actually, Ian (of notoriety) is apparently something of a music something or other, and he's unofficially supposed to be tutoring me in listening to cool music as well. He posts things about concerts he goes to, occasionally (when he's not ranting about the world cup).


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